Blood Orange Reduction

  • 3 or more blood oranges

  • Balsalmic vinegar (optional)

  • Honey (optional)

This will be another one of those recipes that I don’t get super specific about the amounts. And honestly, depending on your preferences, you can totally omit either the vinegar or the honey. It really depends on what you are planning to use this reduction for - to dress greens? to glaze fish or chicken? on top of some sort of desert? There are various uses for an orange-based reduction, so figure out what you plan to do with it first then act accordingly. Obviously citrus fruits have sugar and you can create a reduction just with the blood orange juice itself, but I like a little extra bit of sweetness, hence why I add honey to mine. I also feel like it helps balance the slightly bitter taste of a blood orange.

Juice all of your blood oranges, either with a citrus juicer or an actual powered juicer. I used my Kuvings juicer. Add in your other ingredients, if applicable (vinegar and honey.) Pour all of the juice into a saucepan and bring to a boil. Then reduce to a low simmer and allow it to cook until the liquid level in the pan is at least halved. The longer you allow it to reduce, and the lower the level goes, the thicker it will be.

Lex Sova