Guided Meditation Playlist

Obligatory peaceful ocean picture. Taken in Malibu on our 2018 summer holiday.

Obligatory peaceful ocean picture. Taken in Malibu on our 2018 summer holiday.

TLDR: I created a playlist compiling several of my favorite meditation tracks that I have found on YouTube over the years. On this playlist, you will find guided meditations with different themes - anxiety and stress relief, gratitude, endorphin releasing, mind clearing, etc. I also threw in some binaural tracks (frequency-based music intended to promote relaxation, creativity, healing and various other mental states.) The binaural tracks are without voices, so you can easily play them in your headphones while working or resting.

My very first introduction to meditation took place in my final semester of college. I met with an advisor about my remaining credits - turns out I was left with one awkward single credit to fulfill (all thanks to that Dance Dance Revolution “gym” class that I just haaaaad to take my freshman year!) In reviewing available courses that would fit into my schedule, I stumbled upon a Creative Mindfulness and Meditation course in the theatre department. I vividly recall my discomfort walking in to the first day, as our class was instructed to remove our shoes and “move freely about the room, either imagining yourself as an alien new to the earth, or a baby just born.” EK. THIS was foreign to me. There is a good reason I am a visual artist and not performanced-based. Over the semester, our class did yoga, practiced clearing the mind and focusing on physical sensation and being through meditation, shared vulnerable thoughts in our discussion circles, worked and talked through many assignments and exercises that intended to bring mindfulness into our individual creative practices. By the end of the semester there was a sense of trust and community among hose of us in the class and our teacher. The class had transcended the objective of fulfilling a credit, and I don’t think it would be a stretch to assume that every person who completed the course remains impacted. For me, it was an introduction to all of the good stuff I had heard of but not yet tried for myself. It integrated various techniques into my wellness toolkit. I would love to elaborate more in upcoming weeks about my new self-care regimen, but it will be a lengthy post so I will save it for another entry. I hope this playlist is helpful to someone, even if you find just one or two tracks that you can integrate into your own routine!

Lex Sova